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Our language is system constructed by people constantly needing to insist that we exist… Our language devolves from a. Culture that abhors all abstraction, or anything tending to obscure or delete the fact of the human being who is here and now/ the truth of the person who is speaking or listening. Consequently, there is no passive voice construction possible in Black English. For example you can’t say, “Black English is being eliminated.” You must say, instead, “White people eliminating Black English.” The assumption of the presence of life governs all of Black English… every sentence assumes the living and active participation of at least two human beings, the speaker and the listener.

June Jordan 1985

India Arie- I Am Not My Hair

So much realness. Hair is such a large part of the lives of black people it’s amazing. 

4 days on testosterone video dedicated to my genderqueer people, my pocs, and my ftms